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First Days in Braces

Braces are attached to the teeth using a small amount of adhesive. The adhesive cures rapidly initially, but takes 24 hours to completely harden. You can eat anytime after leaving our office. However, we ask that you please be mindful of the suggested list of foods that may cause the braces to become loose. Until you become accustomed to eating with your new braces, you may find it helpful to follow a diet consisting of soft foods.

Initially, the braces feel like they stick out. This is normal. As you become accustomed to your braces and your tooth alignment improves, this sensation will disappear and will cease to be a concern. Although the brackets are polished to a smooth finish, the cheek tissues may be sore for a few days until the tissues have adjusted. You may find it helpful to use a small piece of dental wax around the bracket that is creating the irritation. Some teeth, usually the front teeth, may be tender and sensitive to pressure. You may wish to take non-prescription pain remedies commonly used to relieve other discomforts, such as headaches. For maximum effectiveness, it may be best to take such medications before the discomfort begins.

Most patients experience some minor soreness beginning a few hours after the braces are placed and dissipating within the week. Exactly when this discomfort ceases is difficult to predict and differs for each patient.

We ask that you always schedule your next appointment before leaving the office. Waiting 1-2 weeks after an appointment before scheduling your next appointment may extend the overall time in treatment.

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